Services Provided

The company is an independent management corporation, providing the owners of the managed vessels with the following services:

Technical Management

  • The Company consists of a technical knowledge, in order to provide owners with the requested asset protection and safe operation of their vessels. This is achieved through a top qualty service in running vessels and monitoring their progress through regular inspections, planned maintenance and technical upgrading.


                Crew Management

  • The company has adopted a policy of strict selection, evaluations, and training of all crews onboard its managing vessels. For the purposes of carrying this service more efficiently Segaline shipping, employs its seafarers.
  •  Segaline Shippings was established in 2006 to offer a full management service primarily to dry cargo owners. The Company aims to operate ships under its management with a very high degree of safety, quality and efficiency.

                Financial Management

  • The company provides all ships performance information and accounting, through highly experienced and qualified personnel, allowing the owner to monitor ship's operations and maintain ultimate control. This is achieved through an in-house group of operati ng systems, financial and management accounting systems and purchasing control that cover all aspects of vessel's operation and proper accounting of their performance.








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